• Australian Foundries and Casting Suppliers.
  • Castings in cast and alloy irons, ductile and malleable irons, carbon, alloy and stainless steels.
  • Castings in aluminium, magnesium, copper base alloys and special alloys.
  • Foundry equipment, services, binders and foundry consumables.

The Australian Foundry Industry is dynamic and on the brink of another major transformation to push into global markets.

Since the mid 80's there has been approximately a 40% decline in foundry output. Those foundries that have survived this dramatic rationalization, are world class, with foundrymen who can adapt, think laterally and be innovative.

They have invested in improved plant and equipment, have diversified in product range, improved quality and customer focus and are nimble on their feet. They supply quality castings at extremely competitive prices.

To a purchaser, the Australian Foundry Industry offers many specific advantages. They are:
Wide variety of capabilities and processes, including advanced technologies.
Specialists in producing small to medium volume runs economically.
Ability to handle complex designs, offbeat specifications, stringent quality standards and finished products.
A close knit and interactive industry with well supported industry associations.
Small/Medium sized units that make decisions quickly, offer close customer rapport and want your business.
Examine the capabilities of the suppliers at this site to locate one that suits you.
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